Onmyoji is a 3D RPG developed by NetEase Mobile Games. This can be played on Android or Apple devices.
The main list Demon Encounter Quiz was taken from “https://onmyojiguide.com/guide/demon-quiz/”.

I will only update whenever I feel motivated or have the free time to do so.

Whose voice comes from a different voice artist?Oguna or Momo (depending on options)
Who were racing on the streets of Heian-Kyo?Yamausagi and Mouba
Who wants to be with her brother forever?Puppeteer
Who waited on the broken bridge for her husband to return?Ame Onna
Who told Seimei where the Sword of Kusanagi shard wasDark Seimei
Who turned Momiji into a cannibal?Dark Seimei
Who secretly loves Koi in the story?Kappa
Who saved Kusa in the story?Hakuro
Who plays with a cup-and-ball toy?Red Imp
Who looks like the Mystic Trader?Akashita
Who likes to tell stories?Aoandon
Who likes drums?Yellow Imp
Who killed Inugami’s friend, Sparrow, in the story?Kyuumei Neko
Who kidnapped Kagura to Mt. Gloom in the story?Kamikui
Who is not a shikigami born in the water?Kyuumei Neko
Who is Momo’s best friend?Sakura
Who is Momiji in love with?Seimei
Who is Ibaraki Doji’s best friend?Shuten Doji
Who is good at dancing?Sakura
Who is from the underworld?Enma
Which effect can Enma get after her evolution?Increase SPD ( Speed )
Who holds a kite?Blue Imp
Who has the most tails?Mio
Who has the most number of eyes?Akashita
Who doesn’t wear a mask?Tanuki
Who doesn’t have horns or antlers?Shuten Doji
Who doesn’t play the flute?Shuten Doji
Who doesn’t have wings?Yamawaro
Who do Yuki Onna and Ootengu follow in the story?Dark Seimei
Which shikigami was kidnapped by Youko?Koi
Who was abducted to force Seimei to break the Orochi seal?Kagura
Who did Kuro Douji and Shiro Douji become disciples of in the story?Kuro Mujou
Who did Enma order Seimei to defeat in the story?Puppeteer
Who cannot heal his/her ally?Hououka
Who cannot fly?Kusa
Who can devour nightmares?Yumekui
Who are Dark Seimei’s shikigami?Ootengu and Yuki Onna
Who always rides on a pot?Mouba
Which controlling effect Mouba inflict with no Souls equipped?Silence
Who always keeps silent?Kuro
Who abducted Kagura in her dream in the story?Kodokushi
Which skill is an AOE skill?Feather Dance
Which one is a single-target damage skill?Non-Self
Which skill cannot decrease the damage taken by allies?Channel: Butterflies
Which skill can raise the Move Bar of your allies?Bunny Dance
Which skill can provide orbs for allies?Trade-off
Which skill can inflict Taunt on an enemy?Unbreakable
Which skill can inflict Silence on your enemy?Spirit Crush or Silence Drop (depending on options)
Which skill can inflict a controlling effect?Blizzard
Which skill can dispel the debuff on allies?Sky Tears
Which shikigami’s attack increases as their HP goes down?Vampira
Which Shikigami has a sibling?Kuro Mujou
Which reward is not obtainable from Daily Login?New Shikigami
Which Onmyoji can summon a double to assist in battle?Hiromasa
Which one is a healing skill?Healing Light
Which items can be redeemed at the Mystic Trader?Everything else
Which item or material is required for upgrading a soul?Soul
Which item is required for upgrading AP bento?Medal
Which quest is not available in the Daily Quest?Duel
Which is an adorable girl?Zashiki
Which hand(s) did Ibaraki Doji lose?His right hand
Which effect cannot be granted by the protective field created by Kaguya’s Summon: Umbrella?Increasing HP
Which effect can a 4-piece set of Tree Spirit trigger?Healing Bonus
Which effect can a 4-piece set of Snow Spirit trigger?Freezing
Which effect can a 4-piece set of Holy Flame trigger?Restoring HP
Which effect can a 4-piece set of Claws trigger?Partially ignoring DEF
Which effect can a 4-piece set of Azure Basan trigger?Gaining an orb (well, orbs)
Which effect can a 4-piece set of Soultaker trigger?Gain a new turn
Which effect can a 4-piece set of Jizo Deity trigger?Gaining a shield
Which effect can a 4-piece set of Dawn Fairy trigger?Lowering the target’s Move Bar
Which effect can a 2-piece set of Watcher trigger?ATK Bonus
Which effect can a 2-piece set of Tree Nymph trigger?Reducing the number of orbs
Which effect can a 2-piece soul set of Tree Nymph trigger?DEF Bonus
Which effect can a 2-piece set of Soul Edge trigger?HP Bonus
Which effect can a 2-piece set of Shadow trigger?Crit Bonus
Which creature stands on the sign rack in the Courtyard?A raven
Which content cannot be found in Collection?The level of a shikigami
Which skill can revive you ally?Revival Blossoms
Which 4-piece soul set grants orbs at the beginning of a turn?Azure Basan
Which 4-piece soul set effect reflects damage back?Mirror Lady
Which 2-piece soul set stat does not grant Effect RES bonus?Seductress
Which 2-piece soul set stat does not grant Crit bonus?Harpy
Where was the shard of the Sword of Kusanagi in the story?In the Underworld
Where did Yao Bikuni and Seimei first meet?Phoenix Forest
Where did the Puppeteer and her brother sleep in the story?In the Sanzu River
Where can you re-experience the unlocked main chaptersThe Sakura Tree in the Courtyard
Where can you find Paper Dolls?Everything Else
Where can you earn medals?Everything else
Where can you access side chapters?Heian Tales
What’s the name of Mouba’s pot ride?Bitey
What’s the name of Kyonshi Imoto’s pet dog?Tomato
What weapons does Hiromasa use?Bow and arrow
What was Seimei looking for so he could defeat Orochi?Sword of Kusanagi
Which rarity of shikigami cannot be evolved?N
Which item can provide a lot of EXP to shikigami?Base Daruma
Which item is required for summoning a shikigami?Mystery amulet
What item is required to challenge the Sougenbi zone?Everything else
Which item can never summon an SSR Shikigami?Broken amulet
What is the top % of HP that Ebisu’s Carp Banner can inherit?60
What is required to place a shikigami in the Courtyard?“With” (a bugged answer, true answer should be completing its Bio)
What is Kuro Mujou and Shiro Mujou’s duty?To guide the souls of the dead
What’s the effect of Kagura’s “Channel: Storm”?Ally gets an immediate action
What effect does Hakuro’s Meditation have on her next turn?Increase Crit DMG
What does Yamausagi ride on?A frog
Which item is required for Realm Raid?Realm Challenge Pass
What debuff is Ame Onna unable to dispel?Daze
What can you wish for in your guild?Shikigami shard
1st weekly summon or collection share grants what?Mystery Amulet
What are you unable to do from menu Onmyoji?Promote shikigami
How much AP does Kraken zone cost?30
How many types of Evo materials are there?4
How many times can Youko’s Blade Cyclone attack at least?Twice
How many skin tickets does Aoandon’s Butterfly Dance skin cost?150
How many shards are needed to summon an SSR?50
How many realm challenge pass can you have at maximum?30
How many orbs does Gold Barrage cost?2
How many orbs can Aoandon absorb with Lantern Drain?1
How long did Yao Bikuni wait for Seimei in the Peacock Forest?30 years
How is Honor earned?Duel
How can you get a Starlight Sky frame?Complete Unlucky Streak: Extreme
Hououka asked Seimei to remove who from the Peacock Forest?Yao Bikuni
Hakuro is an expert at….Archery
Dark Seimei told who to eat humans in the storyMomiji
Kingyo invited who to the girls-only party in the story?Susabi
What is the highest percentage of max HP that Shuten Doji can restore with?30
Which is not required for upgrading a Shikigami?Mystery amulet
What cannot be done under the Onmyoji interface?Leveling up a Shikigami
Which bonus cannot be found in an Exploration zone?Paper Doll bonus treasure
What is Tesso’s catchphrase?A rat brings riches to your flat
Who performed a power-consuming ritual to seal Orochi for a while?Onmyoji of Kyoto
What is the requirement for a shikigami to upgrade?Reaching the current max level
What can you obtain from the Demon Parade?Shards
What % of HP can a shikigami in Shouzu’s Circuit recover after a turn?5%
As a gift from the gods, where was Susabi born?In a village by the sea
Which one is not Tesso’s skill?Great Fortunes
Which one is an AoE skill?Lantern Drain
Who became the masters of Shiro and Kuro in the story?Kuro Mujou and Shiro Mujou
What can you receive from making a wish in a guild?Shards
Which of the following shikigami cannot deal indirect damage?Hannya
How many follow-up strikes will Onikiri inflict on all enemies after he attacks?1
When does Otakemaru’s unlimited blade prison end?Until the end of his next turn
Which of the following skills is Kaoru’s?Warm Protection
Which of the following shikigami cannot user Dispel?Tenjo-kudari
Which of the following skills is Mouba’s?Silence Drop
Who became the masters of Kuro and Shiro in the story?Kuro Mujou and Shiro Mujou
What is Suzuka Gozen’s weapon?Shadowchaser
Which of the following shikigami cannot inflict Poison on the enemy?Ittan-momen
which controlling effect can Dodomeki inflict with no Souls equipped?None of the above
which controlling effect can Hououka inlifct with no Souls equipped?Daze
Which of the following shikigami cannot lower the enemy’s Move bar?Menreiki
Which effect can Ungaikyo gain when he’s in his Yang state at the start of battle?Mirror’s Protection